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Stamped as Bobby - Mirror Theme!
It's Irony
x_xd0llix_x wrote in spn_stamps

Name: Kate
Age: 24
Previous Stamps: Bobby, Minor Character - Chuck

At least three clear pictures of yourself:

The last photo is the only one with my actual hair, I have surprisingly few of it in this state, obviously because it's much less interesting ~_^

Links to FOUR applications you have voted on:

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You are a smoosh of so many! But I think you have similar eyes and eyebrows to MISHAAAA Castiel but a face shape like Ruby Two ^_^

I think Ruby 2 for me, your hair, eyes and face shape put her in mind, especially in your first and second pictures, it's something about the way you look at the camera and your eyes :)

I'm definitely getting Ruby 2 as well.

Agreeing with Castiel with some Ruby Two

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