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Stamped as Dean//Mirror theme
deaths_guide wrote in spn_stamps

Name: Jacqueline or Jackie. Take your pick.
Age: 20
Previous Stamps: I've only done the original one so Dean-o!

At least three clear pictures of yourself:
In honor of Mish mish on MTV xD

The other two are normal I swear.

Links to FOUR applications you have voted on:

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xD Thank you! My sister gave it to me for christmas. I need to wear it more often.

Does that mean I'm a wonderfully good kisser if I have Dean's lips? LET THE KISSING BEGIN! Hot men line up!

Haha I'm sure it does mean that XD GUH THAT ICON IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Really I will never get over how gorgeous he is *__*

I knooow! <3 I would never let him leave my bedroom if given the opportunity xDD.

You can totally steal it from me, the credits for who actually made it is on my LJ I think.

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