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Oomph, this is another chick flick moment, isn't it?
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Description of your personality [Feel free to include personality test results] ENTP

Some positive adjectives/traitsauthenticity, ambition, I know who I am and what I want to be, IMMORTAL & OMNISCIENT lol, I'm responsible for myself for the most part, I make mistakes, but I own them and rarely ever repeat them -- no, I'm more creative than that! lol I'm good with money and playing nice to achieve my goals or save my own skin, I am quite analytical, charismatic, I have my own moral code that seeks to ensure my goals are fulfilled, I enjoy helping others simply because I see myself in their struggle and can even be charitable when I feel like I have nothing to lose
And the negative: I hate conflict, it's messy and makes me think of death and more so non-existence, which I fear, so I have a reputation for weaseling my way out of situations that might be damaging to me and letting others lie in the consequences of their own mistakes when they refuse my help if it's more on my terms, rather than charity, I act on impulse rather than thought which tends to confuse people who see me as analytical, but to me even my most impulsive actions seem the time, I feel like my emotions control me too much at times

Likes [hobbies, fandoms and general]: c'p'd because...laziness...anne rice, arthur rimbaud, bdsm, chaucer, comics, david sedaris, equal rights, fiction, filmmaking, graffiti, history, hunter s thompson, james joyce, lord byron, manipulation, mary shelley, mixing music, neil gaiman, nietzsche, non-fiction, philosophy, photography, poetry, random humor, reading, scrapbooking, sex, sketching, theatre, thoreou, video games, weapons of mass destruction, writing, x-men
Dislikes:tyrants, bigots, micromanagers, people who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions or circumstances, deserters, abandonment
Strengths/Talents:art, manipulation, humor
Fears:the unknown, loss...of anything, really, earwigs

Favourites [and why?]

Colour:Purple, can be both shocking AND regal
Place:Your momma's
Band/Artist:Depeche Mode
Quote/Lyric:"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste..."

This or That

Mature or Immature:Mature, or I try to be
Leader or Follower:Leader, or sort of a wanderer lately because I have no monies and apparently that's what people follow in this day and age, willing to follow to gain said monies
Outgoing or Shy:Outgoing
Impulsive or Cautious:Cautiously impulsive
Emotional or Stoic:Stoic
Laidback or Uptight:I usually appear to be laid back, but in actuality? No, not once my trust feels betrayed, even a little, and I actually keep it very guarded
Justice or Compassion:Compassion
Fun or Serious:Fun
Organised or Chaotic:Organized chaos

Is there a character you don't really relate to at all/think is very unlike you? Explain why... Any of the hunters, I just don't understand why they are doing what they are doing. Trying to stop the end of the world is one thing, but I'm not sure what exactly is the point of going across the country and using the same old tricks to fight creatures that are just going to keep coming. I mean if you're some sort of cop or imagine yourself as one, that's great, and I thank you for your service as long as you do it justly; but I'm not one, nor do I try to be. I don't think I need to say that the only seasons I've seen completely are 5 through the current one. I was pretty "meh" about the series for awhile.

Links to at least FOUR votes: [However much internet cookies if you vote on all needs votes!]voted on all

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Crowley! Slightly skewed towards Gabriel, but mostly Crowley. Having your own moral code, helping people when it suits you, and your sense of humor - very Crowley!

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